ArtSee helps people find their connection to art. This is through specially designed tours and programs in art museums. All of ArtSee’s projects are suitable for both people who think they have nothing with art and the professional art viewers who want to broaden their perspectives on art. In general, the focus is not on art history, the facts, but on the art viewer himself. How they experience or can experience art is the common thread of all projects. In various ways, these projects provide tools to broaden your view on different situations through art. Art isn’t difficult and elitist at all, it’s what you make of it…and Art See is here to help you with that!


Hi, I’m Yaël van Loosbroek – Speck, the owner of ArtSee. I believe that a work of art is so much more than an object that is beautiful to look at, that tells a story or that needs to be preserved. It can also help people tell their own story. By providing the right guidance when looking, I believe that everyone can find their connection with art. That’s what I do with ArtSee, develop different projects to help as many people as possible find this connection.

The idea of ​​ArtSee all started with Art as Perspective. This art-viewing tour originated from my own experiences. About 10 years ago I was dealing with depression. For me, art and museums not only helped me recognize my depression, and taught me that I could feel happy, but it also was and still is, the place where I can really organize all the thoughts in my head. 

I want to share this experience with others and, through art, help them see that not everything has to be negative. With Art as Perspective, I hope to be able to contribute to positive mental health, both preventive, supportive, and aftercare.

‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’ – Edgar Degas