Art as Perspective is an art tour for people who experience negative thoughts, stress, burnout, depression, and/or anxiety problems. During the tour, we will view three works in the museum with a small group (maximum of six people). As a tour guide, I ask a few questions that help the participants to really look and thus change their perspective. This change of perspective in looking and indirectly also in thinking can help in situations that are extra difficult for people with the psychological complaints stated above. In addition, it is also a moment to put the stream of constant negative thoughts in the background. Together in a group of like-minded people, we look at an object that does not judge or talk back and gives you all the time to view and analyze it, namely a work of art.

The tours are currently taking place in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Dordrechts Museum. I am working hard to expand the program to several museums throughout The Netherlands. Would you like to participate now, but is Dordrecht or Amsterdam too far away? Please contact me, because if there is enough interest I can also organize a tour in a museum near you.


“The tour taught me that you are very quick to make assumptions about the relationships between people in a group. That you think ‘they must have a lot of fun with each other.’ Out of uncertainty, I place myself outside of that. Only when you zoom in on the individual faces do you see – these people are just doing something. I will definitely take that with me in the ‘real’ world.” – Sophie

“I thought it was a really special experience to be in the Rijksmuseum with you and the other participants in the evenings […] I really think that looking at art in this way (together) contributes to well-being and resilience […] I grant more people that they can experience this” Elien

“I just want to let you know that I loved the tour of the Rijks last week. I still enjoy it to this day. It was a special experience, I feel like a privileged person. […]
With your guidance, we came to nice insights and I was distracted from my busy daily thoughts. Surprised and zen I drove back home. The days after I noticed that the effect was still soaking. I was and remained calmer than before. I do feel that this visit to my beloved Rijks helps me on my way back from the valley of my struggles. I’m doing well and you’ve contributed to that.”  – Gwen

“I would like a print of this work to remind me of it every day.” – Miètta


Art as Perspective tours are in Dutch. However, if there is enough interest, I am more than happy to organize an A.a.P. Light tour in English. 

At the moment all tours are on request. So if you want to follow an Art as Perspective tour with your students, colleagues, family, etc. please contact me for the possibilities.